A typical smokers lungs are shown here with the enlarged heart.  The heart becomes enlarged because it has to work harder because the lungs fail to provide the air needed.

Yes the photo above is the smokers lungs and heart. The photo is untouched the gray/black color is dead cells and tar built up from years of smoking.

An electronic cigarette can help you quit the habit for good so your lungs can stay healthy

The heart is also much larger than the healthy heart and lungs in the bottom picture. The enlargement is caused by the heart working extra hard trying to provide enough oxygen to all parts of the body. The hearts ability to do its job is reduced due to the lungs inability to obtain oxygen from the air. This is why smokers are out of breath all the time. Just staying alive takes a giant effort from the heart any exercise at all is going to lead to a very tired feeling.

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Sure it sounds impossible to stop smoking today but it can be done. Not only can it be done but it is much easier than you think. With an electronic cigarette you'll have all the same sensations that you have with the real thing but without the cancer causing and other side effects.

Take control of your life and quit smoking today.

Electronic Cigarette Testimonials

Many people have had great success in quitting smoking by using the electronic cigarette. Here are some testimonials on how easy it is to quit immediately.

by Sammy P.
We live in Canada where cigarette prices are now topping $10 or $11 dollars a pack. Me and my wife bought kits together and have never looked back at another cigarette or ash tray again.

Plus we are saving about $4,500 a year


by Zane M.
I am a respiratory sales rep for over 30 years now. After using this product and recommending it to others and seeing how it has helped them. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to quit smoking.

by Debbie S.
My friends laughed at me when they found out i bought this product. Now they are wanting this for themselves....especially now that they raised the prices of cigarettes.


by Albert H.
3 Weeks No Cigarettes!!!!!! I used to smoke 2 packs a day and i was very skeptical about buying this product. To all who want to quit please consider this revolutionary product smoke anywhere...keep it up

by Martin W
I work as a salesman. If anyone is going to be skeptical about a product it would be someone like me. I smoked 2 packs a day and with this product I was able to quit smoking. Also I calculated buying the refills and it is way more economical than regular cigarettes which saves me a ton of money in the long run.


by Rick S.
I shopped around 10 different sites for a similar product. Smoke Anywheres price was less than all of the other sites. Even the ones that said $59.00 for the cigarette.

Thanks again

by Samantha J.
Thanks Guys. I bought these as presents for my family and friends. I just want them to quit smoking and start the new year right, healthy, and happy. I know that they will have success with this product.

by Brian S.
To all who want to quit smoking....*attention*
I used to smoke 3 packs a day. After ordering from Smoke Anywhere I immediately stopped smoking. I threw my cigarettes away and depended on this product....it really works. I don't smell like cigarettes anymore and the flavors are great...try the Marlboro


by Melissa S.
I am very pleased with this product. I was interested in this product for some time now, but hesitant to purchase it. I tried a similar product in the Coral Square mall and its taste was not good..I had the mint flavor. Just last week I went to the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach, FL, and saw this product. I was able to try it there and loved the way it tasted.

The sales people were very courteous and helpful.

Thanks again.

Are you dying for a cigarette? Maybe it's time for you to think about your future and stop smoking cigarettes.


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