A typical smokers lungs are shown here with the enlarged heart.  The heart becomes enlarged because it has to work harder because the lungs fail to provide the air needed.

Yes the photo above is the smokers lungs and heart. The photo is untouched the gray/black color is dead cells and tar built up from years of smoking.

An electronic cigarette can help you quit the habit for good so your lungs can stay healthy

The heart is also much larger than the healthy heart and lungs in the bottom picture. The enlargement is caused by the heart working extra hard trying to provide enough oxygen to all parts of the body. The hearts ability to do its job is reduced due to the lungs inability to obtain oxygen from the air. This is why smokers are out of breath all the time. Just staying alive takes a giant effort from the heart any exercise at all is going to lead to a very tired feeling.

Stop Smoking Today! >
Sure it sounds impossible to stop smoking today but it can be done. Not only can it be done but it is much easier than you think. With an electronic cigarette you'll have all the same sensations that you have with the real thing but without the cancer causing and other side effects.

Take control of your life and quit smoking today.

Smoking FAQ's

Here are some electronic cigarette FAQ's. The videos should answer your questions about how it works, why it works and how it will be EASY for you to quit smoking immediately!

People always ask us exactly how does this product work. The video below explains the mechanical functioning of this device.

Many people wonder about the batteries. In general they have two questions. They want to know if they will be forced to buy some overpriced batteries. The other concern is about the battery running out when they want to smoke. The video below addresses these concerns.

Another concern people have is about the cartridges used in the product. They always wonder how long they last and how expensive they will be. The truth is that they are a lot less expensive than cigarettes and the next video goes over this.

In the next video you'll learn more about the cartridges and how a cartridge can be compared with a specific number of cigarette.

The electronic cigarette DOES contain nicitone so people have asked us why they should use it if they want to quit. Some people say, "Hey why don't I just cut back on the amount of cigarettes I smoke instead of just switching where my nicitone comes from. It sounds like a reasonable question but watch the video for the answer.

At first many people are skeptical of our claim that you can quit smoking immediately. They say that if they are addicted to nicitone how will it be possible to just quit when they will still have these cravings. Please see the video below for the answer to this question.

The next video explaines exactly what this device is and how it works. Because of the way it works and acts like a cigarette without actually being one you can literally "smoke" anywhere with this product.

We saved the number one question for the very end. Everyone asks us if it looks fake. They are concerned about looking silly walking around with a toy children's make believe cigarette. Everything about this product looks real from the glowing tip to the smoke. In this video you'll see the device working and we will zoom in on Alex as he "smokes". Watch for the close up shot and see if you can tell that this isn't real!

In the video below you'll see why Alex went from smoker to non-smoker. He was so impressed with the product that he wanted to help others and became a national distributor of this amazing device.

Are you dying for a cigarette? If you are ready to stop smoking now, right now then it is time to switch to the electronic cigarette.


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