A typical smokers lungs are shown here with the enlarged heart.  The heart becomes enlarged because it has to work harder because the lungs fail to provide the air needed.

Yes the photo above is the smokers lungs and heart. The photo is untouched the gray/black color is dead cells and tar built up from years of smoking.

An electronic cigarette can help you quit the habit for good so your lungs can stay healthy

The heart is also much larger than the healthy heart and lungs in the bottom picture. The enlargement is caused by the heart working extra hard trying to provide enough oxygen to all parts of the body. The hearts ability to do its job is reduced due to the lungs inability to obtain oxygen from the air. This is why smokers are out of breath all the time. Just staying alive takes a giant effort from the heart any exercise at all is going to lead to a very tired feeling.

Stop Smoking Today! >
Sure it sounds impossible to stop smoking today but it can be done. Not only can it be done but it is much easier than you think. With an electronic cigarette you'll have all the same sensations that you have with the real thing but without the cancer causing and other side effects.

Take control of your life and quit smoking today.

After You Quit Smoking

After you quit smoking by using the electronic cigarette here are some of the benefits you'll notice within minutes or just days of having the last smoke.

  • Your pulse rate will be lower
  • Your blood pressure will be lower
  • The body tempeture in your hands and feet will increase
  • Foods will begin to taste so much better it will surprise you
  • Yellow teeth begin to get whiter over time
  • Bloodshot eyes are a thing of the past
  • Your hair stops smelling like an ashtray
  • Your smokers rough voice will be gone
  • You'll stop clearing your throat constantly
  • Your two yellow smelly fingers will look healthy very soon
  • You'll have energy again
  • Walking up stairs won't cause you to be out of breath any more

If you are ready to stop smoking now, right now then it is time to switch to the electronic cigarette.

When people smoke cigarettes they claim that they calm them down. Once you've quit smoking then you begin to understand that this isn't true at all. What happens is that you are actually addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette and just like any junkie trying to kick their habit you have suffered withdrawal symptoms. Each time you go without smoking for a while your body craves nicotine. Your body shows this craving by giving you headaches, making you irritable and in general making you feel uncomfortable. Once you light up again and deliver more nicotine. to your bloodstream your body responds in a positive way. This is how you have been fooled into thinking that smoking clams you down. In truth smoking has caused more stress than it has ever relieved. Smoking removed the withdrawal symptoms so you were fooled into believing that smoking calms you down.

Smokers don't understand this and insist that it isn't true and that they simply enjoy smoking. Relieving withdrawal symptoms is not enjoyment, it is addiction.

Are you dying for a cigarette? If you are ready to stop smoking now, right now then it is time to switch to the electronic cigarette.


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